Will and Kate’s Project…


In March this year Will and Kate moved to the old Garden of Eden aka Nevern Nurseries. The 9 acre smallholding has a sort of faded grandeur; overgrown bamboo and pampas grasses, the remains of walled gardens, glasshouses being held up from the inside by privet hedge, not to mention the indoor swimming pool. For some years it had been a lovely family home, the garden left to its own devices before Will and Kate moved in and decided to tackle the greenhouse in full bloom. Months later, with cutting, clearing sweeping,  stripping brambles, moving, lifting, and more cutting they finally found the garden. During the clearing stages it felt a bit like they were destroying in order to create order, but after a harsh pruning the roses, figs, palm trees and vines have all grown back and more beautiful than ever.  A deluxe lean-to for rescue chickens and raised beds for edible gardens are just some of the delights they have conjured already through their hard graft and resourcefulness. It may seem a dauntingly large project but bit by bit, path by path they will clear, restore and adapt this dishevelled Eden to be their garden.


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